4th day of the 4th month – bad omen or auspice?

April 4th – bad omen or an auspicious sign?  Either way, this is Fbanker’s first venture into the not-so-recent phenomenon of blogging.

So what’s this all about.  To put briefly, Fbanker is an Investment Banker (IBD) at a major, international shop.  On a more interesting note, Fbanker is the (self-proclaimed) fobbiest banker on the Street.  But hold a minute – investment banking + fobbiness?  I know, I have no idea how.  In fact they should be antonyms on m-w.com.  Somehow, somewhere, someone must’ve whipped out some potent, last-minute, hail mary type feng shui action (I did not wear red briefs to the interview).

Life all comes down to a few moments.  This is one of them.

Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.

Against all odds, this fob aptly masked his disinterest in professional sports, weak beer stomach, and occasional faux pas to land a job in one of the most sought after and culturally guarded industries in North America.  To salute my profession, I conclude this inaugural post in good ole’ teaser style:

PERSPECTIVES: equipped with Fbanker’s culturally confused background, hopefully those that visit this blog (thank you very much) will find a fresh take on the world’s greatest profession that is Investment Bonking

PRACTICALITY: the fob’s road map and survival guide to ibanking, and just how diverse are these banks, really

PARABLES*: the frivolities, fancies, frolics and follies of investment banking

*nothing deep or religious, just couldn’t think of a better word that starts with “P”, though banking does overrepresent a certain religious denomination (hint: not Scientology)tom-cruise-scientology1

OTHER GOODIES: general light banter (rest assured, we’ll keep it ‘FINance‘ and keep it sweet)



April 4th, 2009


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